CAL-SOC’s mission is to invest in the legacy of personal growth by creating a higher rate of employment opportunities.  Through a hands-on approach, proper training and motivation, we believe success can be achieved.

CAL-SOC (California School of Construction), is a nonprofit vocational trade school, founded to teach inner-city youth, young adults, and those with minimal disabilities. We offer these individuals an opportunity to gain a marketable skill.

The focus of CAL-SOC will be to offer an opportunity to gain access to those employable skills within the construction industry through proper training and guidance.

CAL-SOC’s focus is to provide opportunities to capitalize on the positive growth outlook within the construction industry. Our facility will be located in the downtown area of Los Angeles, where CAL-SOC plans to provide a professional classroom environment that will educate and promote the construction trade through its unique, expert training and hands-on approach program.

CAL-SOC’s trade school will have a two-pronged focus:

1) Enhancing the number of quality skilled laborers/talent in our program,  preparing them for real world application within the construction industry; to meet the growing need within the field.

2) Employers will now have a resource to utilize when looking for proven and knowledgeable construction laborers/talent.

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