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Learning Modules

Construction Theories!

Theory construction is the process of formulating and assembling components of theories into coherent wholes, or the process of revising and expanding theories in light of logical, semantic, and empirical analyses. Every theory in sociology has gone through some type of construction process.

Industry-Related Math skills!

professionals, use constructionrelated math skills daily in many aspects of their work. These math skills include adding and subtracting lengths, finding areas and volumes, and changing from one unit of measurement to another.

On Site Safety rules and regulations!

ABCs of construction site safety. we‘re going to give you a basic understanding of construction workplace … Implementing construction safety rules and utilizing workplace safety training helps to … training to learn how to follow OSHA compliance requirements.

The safe use of hand and power tools and, their individual uses!

Our safety module is based on the standards of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration; however, our teachings should not be considered as a substitute for the full safety and health standards for general industry. 

Basic carpentry Skills, that includes but are not limited too

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